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it raised employee engagement, created higher profits and made us one of the best places to work in our state.

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Co-create Clear Vision & Higher Profits™
Consulting Services

To shift the bottom line, you must first shift your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

With laser-beam focus, consultant Holly Duckworth works with you, leader to leader. In practical discussions grounded in your organization’s real-world issues, she guides you through her proven New Thought Methodology.

Holly challenges you to embrace new thoughts, beliefs, and actions:

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote presentation for CEOs and executive leaders

“Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Organization for Success”

Do you wish rebooting your organization was as simple as hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete? Instead, it’s time for Ctrl+Alt+Believe.

Ctrl: Get tips and straight-talk to let go of your need to control.

Alt: Hear new, proven strategies to look for alternative solutions to problems.

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Book Holly’s Services

What’s missing in business? Leadership expert Holly Duckworth dares to step forth with a revolutionary answer. Book Holly for your consulting package, keynote, or SpiritStrategy Facilitation.

Call today to book your consulting package or visit our online assistant at:
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