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Reboot your life coaching invites participants to examine what is working in their live and business, what is not work and how they want their lives to be higher and better.

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Businesses of tomorrow are choosing new thoughts, beliefs and actions. Work with Holly in a consulting capacity to

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Holly as a Speaker

Audiences today demand more than a talking head. Holly created educational and inspiration keynotes that engage both the heart and mind of your audience.

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Meet Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP

As CEO of a leadership development company, Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP offers straight-talk coaching and consulting to CEOs and executives. As a nationally known speaker, Holly presents high-energy, eye-opening keynotes to business leaders.

A global thinker, Holly drives business results by facilitating strategic planning sessions, teaming with leaders to co-create a new vision, and introducing a new and proven approach to leadership. She inspires leaders to co-create their highest and best business – and offers the leadership coaching and strategic advice to make it a reality.CAB-3D-BOOK

Author and international business columnist, Holly’s award-winning book, Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association for Success, is a revolutionary business book. Ctrl+Alt+Believe guides leaders to create a new belief system about how their organization works, so they can forge a new future NOW.

Holly earned her BS degree in business management from Linfield College. She served as a faculty member of the American Society of Association Executives and US Chamber of Commerce IOM program.

Holly brings expertise and energy to the world of business. Each month she shares her insights via her e-newsletter called Holly Insights Distributed.

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I have had the honor of working jointly with Holly on client projects and there are so many wonderful things I could say about her, but I will synthesize it down to one word, “amazing!”

As a business coach & facilitator, I have seen her work with clients and witnessed the manner in which she identifies problems, brings solutions to the table and then follows through to get the job done. She is professional, accomplished and has a vast understanding of the difference between strategic & tactical which serves her well in leadership development. In addition to these things, she has a unique sense of humor that she knows how to use at just the right time to make for the perfect blend of "human capital development" success for her clients. Picture, if you will, a combination of the tenacity of Oprah Winfrey; the compassion of Princess Diana; the spirit of Bill Gates; the creativity of Steve Jobs; and the one person in YOUR life who you most admire as successful - and you will have only a small visions of Holly Duckworth, CMP! I would highly, have and will continue to recommend her to clients who need it done, done right, done on time and done with a very special flair!

Rick Weaver Amarion Solutions