Our world is different, your meetings are different.

As a teacher, speaker, and trainer that was once a meeting planner, my commitment is to work with you to adapt to the new.  If you find yourself in need of a speaker to present an online experience, Holly Duckworth is the option you are seeking.

Holly provides a speech if that’s all you need and she more than that.  Holly’s gift is connecting online, via video in a way that emotionally connects your meeting participants to reduce stress, increase focus, and make better decisions.

Whether you hire her for the opening general session, “virtual keynote”, or breakout session her online sessions now must be interactive and engaging.

People have a lot of choices of where to put their attention, replacing live conferences with virtual means you must have a different level of expertise its content, and connection in new ways.  Holly can capture the eyes, hearts, and minds of your audience the entire time.


Live Audience:

If you are creating an event where your audience is stressed, overwhelmed and maybe even video chatted out, Holly is the right person to provide a mindful training, experience or facilitate a conversation.  Live programs are 45-75 minutes and include actionable takeaways.

Pre-Recorded for Audience Viewing:

Still learning all this new virtual meeting technology, nervous.  If you prefer to pre-record your sessions and then play them back in a live format Holly has done that for many companies even before the pandemic.  As an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter Holly has the microphones, lights, sound, and stage to provide you clear recordings.

Hybrid Audience (When a portion of your audience is in person, part online)

Is your organization preparing for those members who want to be in person and working to accommodate those still working from a home office?  Choose Hybrid and Holly knows how to help here also.  We can work on both the program content and logistics for mindful connection among participants.

Online Breaks:

Is your multiple hour meeting needing a break?  Holly offers 10-15 minute snackable trainings that surprise and connect your meeting participants in a way that helps them shake off the exhaustion and bring their focus back to your meeting.  Online breaks are also a great sponsorship opportunity that can be live or pre-recorded.


Let’s talk about your vision for your meeting

As we navigate the new creating online meetings and virtual event experiences, we are navigating the new.  That’s good and interesting news.  As a meeting professional, you know your event goals, objectives, audience, and their needs.  Holly loves to co-create with you the event that will meet your needs.

She can be reached by phone at 503 217 4112 or email holly (at) LeadershipSolutionsIntl.com to create with you.

About Holly Duckworth:

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP is CEO of Leadership Solutions International, is a trailblazing teacher, author and personal empowerment expert.  As the author of 4 award-winning and best-selling books including Everyday Mindfulness from Chaos to Calm in a Crazy World.  She is a contributor to the New York Times, Producer/Host of the Everyday Mindfulness Show with more than 150 episodes. Bring Holly to your company conference or event to educate, connect, and motivate. Founder of the  Mindfu

l Leadership Council the premiere community for where mindfulness and leadership connect. The council she leads creates, contributes, and advances mindful leadership as a practice in the workplace. Holly educates audiences on what mindfulness is to move beyond chaos and stress in our post-pandemic world to re-new and reboot life and business for higher success.