Mindful at the Movies

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - August 17, 2018
Categories: mindfulness

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little weird. I see everything, and I do mean everything thru the lens of mindfulness. Mindfulness as the practice of being present in the moment. And, after all isn’t that why we go to the movies in the first place. To let go of the world […]

No More Mindless “To Do” Lists

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - February 19, 2018
Categories: mindfulness

Why do you attempt to do the impossible? How many things are on your “to do” list this week? Ten? Twelve? Thirty-two? As you look at the list are you already in anticipatory fear of what you won’t complete, and stressing if the things you did last we are “good enough.” Most of us secretly […]

This Stuff Works (TSW): A Letter From Sam In Prison

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - February 16, 2018
Categories: mindfulness

Our world is crying out for good news. Most of us are so buried in the bad news we miss the good news when it comes our way. As a mindfulness practitioner for CEO’s and executives I want to encourage you to always be looking for the good news. Note you have to slow down […]

Keep Your Promise To Yourself This Year

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - January 22, 2018
Categories: Leadership, Mindful Business, mindfulness

Most people agree it takes 21 days to change a habit.  It is the 22nd day of January.  How are you doing on your intention, goal or resolution?  Call it what you will.  Many of us declared something we want to be different in 2018. Many of my clients commented how we could feel the positive energy of the […]

Mindful Technology Use: Practice Three Becoming A Mindful Leader

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - January 16, 2018
Categories: Mindful Leadership Practices