Do You Eat Those Little Conversation Heart Candies?

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - February 12, 2018
Categories: mindfulness

On this love awareness week, I find myself reflecting on the limited, albeit slowly expanding definitions we have of love in America.  I want you to be a part of this expanding definition of love.  Love expands when we expand the love that we are. In America, love is a BIG deal!  We devote one […]

Energy + Motion = Intention: Set Your Holiday Intention Now

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - November 20, 2017
Categories: mindfulness

Mindfulness grows as you practice in little bits each day. Just like a bodybuilder doesn’t become lean and muscular in one session, a mindful leader must continue to work on the seven practices we’re introducing in this series. This week, as you keep practicing your centering breath and belief work, we will add a new […]

How I Make IMEX Stress Free In 4 Simple Words

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - October 5, 2017
Categories: Mindful Business

  Many people find IMEX overwhelming. Let’s face it 12,000 of your favorite friends under one roof, and that roof happens to be in Las Vegas. There is a lot to get stressed about. I do IMEX the mindful way – Here’s how you can too! I would invite you to consider IMEX the perfect […]

United in Chaos or Compassion?

By Holly Duckworth, LSP, CAE, CMP. - April 12, 2017
Categories: mindfulness

When was the last time you had that dark and heavy feeling in your stomach? The pause moment of feeling something is just not right? The moment that you knew you had to do something you did not want to do. Hold that feeling for a moment. Did you press on and not follow that […]