BE-YOU-To-A-Full:  5 Choices You Must Make to Live & Lead Full Out

Have you ever had a moment you wanted to say or do something and you held back the real you?  Have you experienced a moment when you disagreed with someone and simply stood by silent because it was easier than being the real you.  We all have.  It is human nature.  From the time we head off to school we hear from people of authority, “Don’t say that.” “You can’t-do that” we are acculturated to the rights and wrongs of who we are to be and to become in the world.

While we live in interesting times as humans both seeking approval and trying to rebel from authority our thoughts on being different are shifting.  As the consciousness of our planet continues to shift from a me, me, me world to a we, we, we world we are learning that to be fully happy and present we must become more of yourself.  Candidly we are all exhausted trying to change to fit someone else’s mold.  I love the work of Sally Hogshead, who says” Don’t change who you are to fit the world.  Be more of you.”

The key to successful living, as our conscious society evolves, is to define success by your definition. Do not let TV, magazines, social media or peers define your success.

In this session you will:

  • Distinguish the difference between being and doing in a professional setting and how being is the most powerful change agent
  • Write 3 affirmations as seeds of what you want to create for your self or your organization
  • Practice accepting what is and believing in what can be
  • Discover how your inner consciousness is the mirror of your outer leadership experiences

**This session has an ongoing 30-day gamification offering for those who wish to dive deeper into exploring full leadership and living.

Session 60-90 minutes


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BoardWomb: How to be a Confident & Courageous Woman in the Board Room

Women currently hold 22 (4.4%) of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. You do not have to look far to know in the US nearly 40% of MBA graduates are women, and 40% of managers. We are catching up in education and workforce participation. So why are we not taking our seats in the corporate boardroom and the C-suite?  In 2007 the Dalai Lama said at the World Peace Conference “Western women will change the world.”  Now is the time to own our power and take mindful action.

No matter if you aspire to the C-Suite in your company, head the PTA or other community organization.  In this session, we will explore both the data and the decision to step into the C-suite.  You will walk away

  • Recognize the truth about how blended board rooms result in higher profits.
  • Learn the one thing Fortune magazine says every woman must have to get her seat at the table.
  • Discover and discuss what you believe about being in the C-Suite and how that helps or hinders your success.
  • Formulate and visualize your path to navigating the C-Suite.

Session 60-90 minutes


To book this session now call 503 217 4112 or email