Does the news coming out of the SE have your heart hurting for the people of SE Texas? It does mine. Often as leaders we want to rush to action, and that may not always be best. I know as a mindful leader I can lead my healing often with my energy, focus and mindfulness. Here’s a few things I recommend:


Hold Space for healing – This once “woo woo” term is becoming more commonplace. So what it is it? It is the energetic ability to send your visions of love and healing. You don’t need a special degree or training to do this. How do you do this? It’s easy sit at your desk view in your mindseye what you see naturally as this region, may be a map, a Texas flag. What ever comes up first for you. Then send that image healing and love from your heart. What may feel a little strange at first can help you know that we are all connected and just as we are hearing tweets are helping rescuers so can your mindful caring energy.



Be aware that we are all somehow connected. With the population of Houston of over 2 million take a moment to know just as this hurricane hit Texas another natural disaster could hit you. Be secure in knowing just as we come together in Texas we come together in your town.


Be mindful of teams that you work with. Do they have offices in Houston or the Houston region? Reach out and be mindful that many projects may have revised timelines due to the re-prioritization of this storm. Offer them support and affirmative words. Be flexible and kind.


Be mindful, awake and aware where you choose to donate your money. Not all charities distribute money in the same percentages and have the same response time on the ground. Select a charity that meets your heart need to give.


Be vulnerable to grieve – many residence of this area will loose their entire home and business, cars, memories. As you grieve with them you invite them into the safety of loss and the promise to rebuild.


Affirmative words we can all say and share at this time:


I recognize there is a Oneness energy that connects all humans together no matter where we live. My heart is unified with the people and businesses of SE Texas, Corpus Christi, Houston and the surrounding area at this time. I realize that the weather will shift and will reveal many things to heal. I support the knowing that every person is safe and secure and all his or her needs are met. I am grateful for the knowing this storm will pass, each person will be guided to stronger shores and new beginnings. I am grateful for my life, the ability to support the wake of this natural disaster with love, light and financial resources. I let go and let good happen.


Mindfulness matters as we lead our country.