Be a part of bringing mindfulness to the world.  Join Holly & the Leadership Solutions International team as they bring mindfulness to one million people in the month of May.  To schedule Holly to be on your TV show, radio show, or podcast, contribute a column or article,  email her at

Sample – Story angles & topics:

  • Why mindfulness matters – statistics, case studies, and practices
  • How to lead with mindfulness in a stressed-out world
  • How to host mindful meetings, conventions, and conferences
  • Why mindfulness is the secret weapon for top leaders worldwide
  • What mindfulness is
  • What mindfulness is not
  • What is corporate mindfulness
  • Attracting and cultivating mindful leaders
  • A B C’s of basic mindful leadership
  • Applied Mindfulness for Adults
  • Meditation is NOT mindfulness – How to Live Mindfulness in Everyday Life
  • BoardWomb™ – How to be a confident and courageous woman leader
  • Be-YOU-2-A-Ful – How to Live & Lead Authentically


Mindful in May 26 Days of Mindfulness Challenge:

In partnership with the Mindful Leadership: A to Z Guide For Stress-Free Leadership Holly is offering your audiences her new mindful leadership challenge at half price.  In this video series, your audience will gain access to a video each day for 26 days.  In these 2 minute videos, Holly goes deeper into each letter of the alphabet to share with you how to apply the 26 mindful practices into your life. for more information and to purchase the companion videos


Tools For Media Interviews:

10 Sample Questions for Holly On Leadership & Mindfulness

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Book – Mindful Leadership: The A to Z Guide For Stress-Free  Leadership (book cover)

Book – Mindful Leadership: The A to Z Guide for Stress-Free Leadership (sample)


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