Everyday Mindfulness: Personal Practices To Move From Chaos to Calm

There are good days and there are bad days. And, then there is everyday.  The stress of living today requires us to have stress reduction and focus techniques.  Science has proven that mindfulness based stress reduction is reducing health care costs and improving productivity and happiness.  Mindfulness teaches you how to be fully present in each experience to become your best self. This session teaches you to be mindful without doing yoga.  It is applied mindfulness you can do at your desk, in your car, everywhere you go.

In this keynote you will learn many tools available to you to intentionally create more good days than bad. It’s a choice to be in the moment and look at life positively. To reframe the challenging days and renew.  As a result of this session you will make commitment to being your most empowered and present self.

  • Identify the difference between meditation and mindfulness
  • Learn what research shows about how stress reduction increases your focus and happiness.  
  • Choose one applied mindfulness technique you can use in daily living

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