It is said, “May you live in interesting times.”  They said it would never happen; the Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump President, and Brexit.  We are the people and we live in those interesting times.

Systems we have always believed in are breaking down.  Newness is emerging.

Things we said would never happening are happening.

Employees are less willing today to do work in companies they do not like.   Companies like Google, Zappos and Uber are changing the way companies recruit, retain and maintain leadership.

It’s time to become a mindful company.

To be mindful is to blend your data driven company with leadership techniques to be more profitable and powerful.  If you are ready to create your company’s unique way of being like a Google but with your people and your values now is the time to work with Holly.

Holly and her team create programs, events and a comprehensive processes that meshes your culture with the needs of your organization.

Developing A Mindful Company Challenges:

Shifting the culture of a company from a traditional culture to a self aware and mindful one requires both leadership and the team to look at decisions, timelines, and profitability in new ways.

Consulting with Holly Duckworth and her team you look at the energy behind the numbers of your company.  What is it you believe about the vision/mission?  How will you attain that vision/mission? Why is that mission/vision making a difference in the world?

A mindful company embraces new skills such as visioning, meditation, affirmations and other “self-help” modalities company wide to create.

Why get another consultant with the same skills when unchartered times require new approaches.

Building A Mindful Company Has Four Major Components:

  1. Recognition of the importance of being connected both to your inner self and the world around you.
  2. Unifying the community around innovation and infinite possibilities
  3. Realizing self-actualization will build them as more confident, clear, capable leader both at work and at home.  That they become their highest and best as the company becomes it’s highest and best.
  4. Gratitude as a team for the new thoughts, beliefs and actions each day.

Consulting With Holly Delivers Results:

  • Empower every employee to be fully self-actualized and in so doing expand the value they bring to the company.
  • Provide confidential forum (affirmative mindful conversations with me) for each employee to explore their concerns and celebrations around the transformational times before the company.
  • Explore individual concerns around creating a self-actualized/mindful organization. What is working, what is not working what would they like to see?
  • Aggregate this data into a recommendations report for executive leadership.
  • Based on finding of the report produce and deliver monthly mindful staff modules to be delivered at already scheduled staff meetings.

As a result of your companies work and the advanced information, education and inspiration you gain from Holly’s consulting approach you will walk away with more clarity, confidence and present work force.  Your employees will have new thoughts, beliefs and actions about what is possible.  You will be the thought leaders for your industry. You will make more money and have a bigger impact.

 Sure, your leadership team is good. Now, find out how to make it even better.


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