Achieve the Life You Desire by Connecting Passion with Strategy for a Powerful Transformation

Are you ready to finally reach a place of stability and peace without fear?

Of course! And it’s easier than you might think… let’s talk so I can understand your vision.

For our first consultation, I like to do it using Zoom™ so that we can get to know one another better.  There is no charge for the initial call.

It’s a lot of pressure and you’re not alone.

As you know, life is hard. Talk about an understatement, right? Somewhere between the expectation of “have it all” and the reality of “never enough”, lies you.

…Maybe you’re a career driven executive who’s struggling to reach that top branch of success.

…Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home family figure wondering where your professional aspirations got away.

…You could be paralyzed between two worlds – fearful to take your next step – so you don’t move at all.

…Heck, maybe you don’t know where you are, or where you want to go, but you know you should.

There are a lot ways to participate in life, but the roads aren’t clear, the directions aren’t certain, the noise is deafening, the passengers need to be taken care of, and the choices on how to get “there” are for YOU to make.

As a stress-reduction coach, author of three books, host of the “Everyday  Mindfulness Show”, keynote speaker, and applied mindful leadership advisor, I talk to people about having an easier life all the time. My name is Holly Duckworth and I’ve used my experience in non-profits and volunteer leadership teaching to help thousands of people just like you “reboot” for success.

Using mindfulness training and strategic vision expertise, I’ve spent years touring all over the world speaking with industry leaders and visionaries about success. I stress the importance of mindfulness techniques for a more productive and profitable person and organization.

Now that I’ve achieved success on the stage, I want to help people directly, and that’s why I’m extremely excited to now offer two different kinds of coaching.

I’ve streamlined my techniques into a to daily workbook, “Everyday Mindfulness: From Chaos to Calm in a Crazy World” that you can use throughout the year to stay focused on your goals.

The Process

My simplified process has already helped thousands make the BEST decisions for the life they want. Here’s how it works…

#1: Set Intentions.

Give each day purpose by  setting a daily intention. This is going to be different for everyone, but using our monthly themes as you guide, you’ll cover topics like freedom, meditation, going beyond current beliefs and centering in self-love.

#2: Energize.

Spark your flame with the three tools I provide in your workbook to reinforce your intentions:

  1. Space to pause and set your intention.
  2. Inspirational quote or affirmation relating to the focus for that day.
  3. Mindful message from my hear to yours.

#3: Support & Succeed.

Join me for one-on-one or group coaching where we discuss the work you’re doing, give and receive support, and dig deeper on the concepts and strategies  for becoming a “mindful leader”.

And I’ll be right by your side!

As your coach and partner through this powerful transformation, I’m here to ask those hard questions, keep you accountable to your desires, and champion your celebrations along the way. After just a few sessions, your personal and professional life could be fundamentally different than they are now.

But hey, don’t take it from me…

Holly has been and continues to be, an amazingly intuitive and gentle coach, guiding with a clear focus on self-care, inviting me to visualize the future I want and setting intentions to make it happen, and exploring new leadership and mindfulness approaches with me.

Mary P

Through a journey of personal transformation, Holly supported me and invited me to spend more time on self-care, and visualizing a path through the disruption.

Linda J

And now it’s your turn!

A Powerful Transformation Could Take Years, or it Could Take a Moment. You Choose.

Now is the time to learn who you are, or rediscover a missing piece, and create the vision for your life that you want. Release old patterns and empower your ability to be the best version of yourself.

Let me be a part of your journey with:

  • Applied Mindfulness Strategies that can be done anywhere to keep you present and engaged for optimal decision making.
  • Accountability through our partnership will enable you to take responsibility for your passion-driven desires so that you’re able to achieve independently, and throughout your life.
  • Visualization Techniques allow you to see, feel, and hear the future you want to build for yourself. Then we work backwards from that vision, identifying action steps along the way.
  • Expert Insight, Feedback and Advice from me! An experienced coach and mindful leader who is here to support you in your individual journey toward a fulfilling life.

Are you ready to make tomorrow different? Is today THE day you finally take action for change? It’s time to stop struggling and start achieving!

You have 2 coaching options to choose from, which one fits you?

One-on-One Coaching: $497/month

For an individualized experience, we can talk for one hour, twice a month, one-on-one. Get my undivided attention so that we can deep dive into your personal journey toward achievement, mindfulness, and peace.

Group Coaching: $197/month

Join me and a small group of people who are in a similar space as you. We’ll talk for one hour twice a month about the process of discovering your happiness. Gain insights from others and provide and receive feedback, while getting the individual guidance and support you need, to get the life you deserve.

I can’t wait to meet you and show you these exciting strategies for living with ease. Book your first group or one-on-one coaching session below and I’ll be in touch soon!