Who is Holly Duckworth and why do hundreds of companies hire Holly to keynote their event? 

Here’s why!  Holly lives leadership and mindfulness on and off the stage.

—Family & Friends—

No matter where you are going never forget where you have been.  Yes, I love the being a professional educator.  I am grateful for my family that has supported my crazy wonderful adventures.  From trailer park to stages around the world. Speaking can be a lonely lifestyle if you don’t have a little help from your friends. I’m often called a gatherer of people so it would be impossible to capture in one photo the friends from around the world I treasure.  Let’s just say every time I return to Portland to a cocktail party and a list of friends waiting to catch up.  It was my childhood dream to have a “friend for life” and boy do I.  I start every day with a call from my friend Georgena we laugh, pray and grow in friendship.

—Firsts & Adventure—

What makes me awesome? I’m a bit of a trailblazer. I love doing things for the first time. From being the first person in my family to move out of state to the miles and miles of travel from Mexico to Bali and many points in between. Now an adopted Colorado-an I’ll never forget my first Bronco game. Love me a fast car and my first time driving NASCAR around the track at 150+ miles per hour. When in Bali let the girls teach you the Balinese dance. Want to make my day? Ask me to do an adventure for the first time.

—Flowers, Sunsets, Nature & Photography—

While not a professional photographer I joke I play one on TV. As a part of my personal mindfulness practice, I love experiencing nature from butterflies, flowers and the magic of a good sunset. You’ll find most of the images in my blogs, presentations and books come from my iPhone camera.

—Fun & Holidays—

Holly’s the name. What can I say the holidays are my game.  From Christmas and my annual tradition called the 12 Days of Christmas Socks to Santa hats and menorahs, I celebrate it all with joy.  Yes every year I collect 12 pairs of socks and post them on Facebook.  It’s adds a few smiles to what can be a stressful season. Did I mention Halloween? Who doesn’t love seeing a kid dare to dream?  I enjoy the annual Trunk or Treat fall celebration with my adopted family each year.  Birthdays are special also as I love to celebrate the month of September as a Virgo!


Faith is the belief in something greater than you and as you!  While the concept may not be comfortable for everyone as a professional educator on mindfulness I must share a Faith.  In other words, I honor whatever faith path, or no faith path works for you.  For me, faith goes by many names nature, family, friends, Spirit, Universe, Source. By whatever name you put your own faith I honor you.  To know me is to know I am a daily meditator, a spiritual practitioner and lover of places of worship of all types.  I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Consciousness Studies program (that’s the connection of spirituality, philosophy, religion, psychology, leadership, and neuroscience) at the Holmes Institute. I haven’t met a house of love I don’t enjoy.

— Fancy Talk & Speaking—

And of course, there is the speaking. So why do I call it “fancy talk”? One fun fact about me is my parents really have no clue what I do for a living. When I was a meeting professional my daddy used to call me a party planner. No matter how many times I corrected him, I was a party planner. Then I become a professional educator. How do you explain that to your parents? Fancy talker! From Bali to Puerto Rico, Mexico to Canada I am honored to keynote conferences on leadership and mindfulness worldwide.  To know me is to know I love all the things represented on this page. Speaking with your audience educating them on leading and living a mindful life makes my life complete.

Live the life you love and love the life you live!