13 Ways to Be Less Anxious This Friday the 13th

They say sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  This seems to be true these days.  The past few days, I wake to the remaining light of the Full Worm moon and pinch myself as if to check is this “real” or a movie.  It’s real.  Evidently, we are living in a time of global pandemic, US election and global human quarantine.

People this does not have to be this way.  With each sunrise and sunset we can collectively make new choices of wellness, health, connection, kindness and mindfulness. Focus on what we share in common not what tears us apart.

In kindergarten we learned the ABC’s here are thirteen ways, based on the first 13 letters of the alphabet to reduce stress and anxiety to live mindfully.  And heck, if your kids are not in school today here is a lesson you can use for yourself and them.  

  1.  Affirm the good.  Today write yourself an affirmation and say it to yourself when the times get tough.  Affirmations are not for the self-help gurus and the people who “have time”.  Affirmations are for everyone.  Here is an example.  I am healthy and at peace.  What you think about you bring about.  When that social media post pops in with fear – say it with me.  I am healthy and at peace.
  2. Breathe and take a moment to feel that breath move thru your body.  The simple act of breathing and slowing the breathing can slow stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  Seeing as we are all washing our hands more now.  Take that 20 seconds while washing your hands to breathe.  Breathe and see the anxiety going down the drain.
  3. Connect to self, center your energy.  In our overprogrammed, reward the busy mindset often our bodies are running so fast it is easy to let a little germ in, be that cold, flu, coronavirus or something more.  Today, with the world slowing down, re-connect to your heart and head.  Feel your feet on the ground and center.  In the middle of every hurricane is calm.  Be the calm.
  4. Decide to take a day away from social media, news, email and other stressors.
  5. Elevate your thoughts.  In these “interesting” times it’s easy to accidentally fall into fear, doubt, lack, chaos and concern.  If and when that happens go back to #1.  Elevate your thoughts to what you want to have not what you don’t want to happen.  If you have to be bold enough to tell the negative person, word, thought or belief that you choose not to let it into your world today. 
  6. Forgive and Feel Good. Everyone every day is doing the best they can many times just to get thru the day.  It’s sad to me that we need a global pandemic to remind us to forgive. Some people at this time will choose to stay in, others will go out. Give yourself a permission slip to forgive that person who cut you off in traffic, was late to the meeting, chose to stay home in quarantine, or exactly the opposite travel, go on a cruise.  Honor your choice and the choice of others with nonjudgement.
  7. Grateful look around and see all the things we have to be grateful for.  Believe it or not there is a lot more going on that just Coronavirus. I walked out in the yard yesterday to find trees blooming, in the kitchen I found food cooking and gas in my car.  Life is good and getting better.   
  8. Help someone else.  At times like this when the entire planet is talking social distancing its crucial, we get out of our self and remember those less fortunate.  Help someone.  There are not big or small in miracles. Be a miracle for someone today.  Here are a few ideas: Pick up an extra loaf of bread (or other item) and take it a neighbor, open a door for that person behind you, use the cashiers name and smile. When the opportunity comes up – take it.
  9. Intention – we cannot continue to use the same conscious thoughts that got us into this mess to get us out of it.  Your intention is how you set your energy in motion. While we are all still unpacking the various gifts that come from Coronavirus one of them is we are all being forced to get out of our numb routines.  This is a gift.  Taking us out of overwhelm and mind-full ness to think and feel with mindfulness (presence). Each day pick one word of how you will put your energy in motion in these interesting times.  Nobody gets up each day an says, “My intention is stress today.” But in the absence of positive intention we end up there.  Say it with me, “My intention is wellness today.” Or a pick a positive intention that feels good for you. Together we can make a more positive choice, one day at a time.  Need daily help here grab a copy of my print or ebook Everyday Mindfulness From Chaos to Calm In A Crazy World as your daily intention devotion.
  10. Just Love. In life, when you break it all down there is love and the absence of love.  Seeing as a global community we are choosing to slow down take this time to love.  Love yourself, drink another glass of water, take a walk around the neighborhood, call a friend and tell them that you care. 
  11. Keep awake!  I used to say, “use common sense” and assumed that people knew what that was.  If even 1% of what the media is saying is true. Stay awake.  Check resources and sources of news and information. Ask questions to confirm what you hear.  Stay educated not all meetings are canceled look for alternate ways to learn.  Podcasts are great my show www.EverydayMindfulnessShow.com now has over 150 episodes for example.
  12. Lights on.  For many of us, the perception is the world has become a dark place.  I don’t believe that is true.  The good news is Spring is coming the light, of the sun quite literally is coming back.  Take this time to turn the light on in you. Turn back on your passion that maybe in the mind-less ness has been forgotten.
  13. Meditate mindfully.  Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment with nonjudgement.  Keyword there is practice. In these interesting times, we need to be compassionate and gentle with one another at work and at home.  Take a few moments to meditate, breathe and center.  For some this is 3-5 minutes for others it is 30 minutes or more.  Reminder from above, affirm good, breathe, and forgive. 

This eleventh week of 2020 we are living in interesting times.  In many ways, everything has changed, and nothing has changed.  We’ve always lived in uncertainty and connectedness.  We all should have been washing our hands. Today, Friday the thirteenth even if you can’t do all thirteen mindful things pick one.  Do one thing today to reset your mindset to choose faith and love over fear.

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