March 9, 2020

My affirmative thoughts during the coronavirus experience.

Prayer For Caring

Recognizing that our words have power I am thankful and grateful I can speak words of love, faith, healing and caring in these interesting times.  I unify my thoughts, words and actions to an always supportive God, Spirit, Universe that is hearing these words even before I can speak them.  I know only good comes as a result of these interesting energy shifts.

I realize that this is a time to release fear, doubt, and lack about Coronavirus and all dis-eases in every form. And that as we release these dis-eases from our consciousness we release them from our mind bodies and spirits. We release coronavirus from the human body, the planet the solar system.  In this releasing we open to receive more love, joy, health, ease and conscious connection as human beings on this planet.

I know with absolute certainty that now is a time for honoring choices.  A time to honor those who choose to sanitize and stay home. This is a time to honor those boarding cruise ships trusting and knowing they are making the most loving choice for themselves at this time. Whatever each and every person chose may we all let go of our judgments and trust only the highest and best.  Releasing blame, shame, and judgment from our thoughts about the person or event.

I pray ease and grace to the doctors, healers, researches, patients, media, and leaders and they choose how to educate our global population on this dis-ease, germ, virus, whatever they choose to call it.

I give thanks in advance for the power of my consciousness to ripple out a little good into the world.  I am appreciative for the flexibility, kindness and human ness that so many have extended to me so that I may share this with the world.

I release these words of caring, love, ease,and joy out into the world this day knowing and trusting that the all-knowing and powerful universe, that is constantly working for my good and the good of all delivers care, love, ease and joy to our world now.

Amen, A-women, And so it is.