March 4, 2020

A Prayer for New Relationships – Words to my friend as she begins dating again

They say, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing” I recognize that life is the daring adventure of Love.  First loving yourself, then loving another and finally letting another love you. 

As I look around me, I know there is a power greater that me that I cannot explain that breathes me, moves the stars and moon in the sky, and creates the sun rise.  I know that this power is always moving for me.

I choose to unify myself with this force of light, and good, peace and joy.  I know that I am one with that love.  And you my friend, you are one with that love.  Together we are all here to live and expand love’s experience on the planet personally and professionally.

From this place centered as powerful love. It is with ease and confidence that I declare love for you.  I know that that every relationship you have had up to this point is a point of love and learning you take into this next relationship. That together your love is magnified by the love you see in this new partner.

I give thanks for the childlike wonder, joy and fun in your eyes (and in his) that together you may play, enjoy, and celebrate love in the easy times and in the growing pains.

I give thanks for your friendship that has lit hundreds of days for me in that my light may light yours.

I release this prayer of love, for self, for you, for your new partner, and the world, knowing the love that comes thru you into the Law of Mind is a seed ever growing in my heart, the stars, sun, moon and in your lives.

Now and always, and so it is.