As you review your news and social media feed today, you may see many disgruntled people upset that they lost a week of productivity personally or professionally from the ripples of Dorian.  Others are grateful the storm has passed. For the past week the eastern shores of the United States have been in, pause mode.  Waiting for hurricane Dorian to make landfall.  Would it be south near Miami or north near Jacksonville?  Millions of eyes and thousands of meteorologists would calculate, guess, formulate, wait and wonder where the storm would move. Now it seems we may have a significant reduction in storm strength as Dorian moves up the eastern seaboard, soon to be a tropical storm.

That got me thinking, who names these things? And, what do the names mean?  Did you know the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences names the hurricanes? There is a list and they rotate every 6 years.  Who knew?   

This storm – Dorian. Do you know what the name Dorian means?  You see, I believe everything is a sign or nothing is.  So, was Dorian a sign? Dorian is generally a gender-neutral name.  Interesting seeing the rise in “gender neutral” human beings now becoming more aware on the planet.  Dorian also means “The name means “child of the sea” could this simply be a “baby” hurricane with signs of more to come this storm season.  Lastly, Dorian also means “the gift”.  Pause for a moment and recognize the many ways we can look at one simple word – Dorian. This is mindfulness. 

No matter if you were directly or indirectly impacted by hurricane Dorian there are a few mindful gifts from the storm that go beyond the name. 

Mindful awareness:  We are never truly in control life will speed up and slow down as it wants.  What in your life right now needs to slow down to be more peaceful? What in your life needs to speed up?

Mindfully be prepared, stay prepared.  This weekend during Dorian while I was 2,000 miles away, I left my phone at home twice. During both times I quickly realized how vulnerable I was without it.  A storm like this should remind us all to have the necessary food, water, and power to get through any life emergency.  From now on I will also have the phone numbers and contact info of 5 people I can call even if I don’t have my phone.

Mindfully connected:  As we look back on this week with Dorian, I ask you to remember we are all connected.  A storm like this impact all of us.  If you don’t know someone in the path someone you know does, transportation, shipping of goods and services in and out of the entire coast may be delayed.  Be patient with one another.

Hurricane Dorian is gender neutral, flowing as a child on the sea.  If we choose to tell a story we won’t see on the nightly news, I sense it was a gift.  Mindfully look at your life in full awareness of how fast you choose to go, get prepared and stay prepared and connect with patience to one another. 

As I sign off for today, let us all send the gifts of ease and grace to the people directly impacted by hurricane Dorian and to those indirectly touched by the ripples the storm leaves behind. We should be grateful for the gifts found, mindfully.