Working In A Chaos Factory: My advice after Steve Jobs advice to college graduates

When I graduated both high school and college, I guarantee you that the commencement speakers did not talk about chaos.  That is why it struck me as a sign of the time that Steve Jobs said, “If you built a chaos factory, you can’t dodge responsibility.” The commencement address for Stanford University.  You can hear the full address here.

I respect the truth of Jobs’ comment here.  Our world today is not building businesses we are building chaos factories where people mindless drive each day to do mindful work for mindless money to raise mindless kids.

This sad fact breaks my heart.  I am here to change it. I hope this batch of college graduates will change it, and if you are in a chaos factory to too can no longer dodge the responsibility to change it.

First, this isn’t easy work, and it’s worth it. I send deep compassion. Because what I know is true is you are doing the best you can with what you have.  Look at this invitation from Steve Jobs, argue ably one of the most successful people in the United states.  It’s time for us all to take responsibility for the chaos factory.  Do one thing today to reduce the chaos and choose calm.

Here are a few examples:

When you get to your workspace in the AM.  Put your feet on the ground and take three mindful breaths.  Take a moment to feel the Earth or chair supporting you and feel the gift of live coursing thru your veins. Get your energy full present at work. Do the same when you get home. 

Twice a day take an applied mindfulness moment.  Take 5 minutes and go ask a teammate or co-worker.  How are you?  Yes, how are you?  Not do you have the xzy document you promised me two days ago.  Have the courage to care.

Three times a day move.  Take an AM break, and a PM one walk away from your desk for lunch.  Move your body move your mind. 

While these ideas may have you saying, Holly I’m glad that works for you it will never work for me. The more resistance you have here the more you need these mindfulness practices.

Here’s a little tough love you are building your own chaos factory each day with the choices you make. One choice to breathe, care and move can help you choose calm in spite of the chaos.  You always have the power to choose.

Mindfulness is a practice it’s not a perfect.  Choose Calm.  Try one of these this week and let me know how it works, or doesn’t for you.