As an observer of life I find life today rather fascinating.  Everyone is in a hurry.  Nobody seems to have time for anything but stress.  Yet, at the same time, people are complaining about all the stress in their lives.  Life is a do-it-to-yourself project.  Your sense of urgency, time, and stress is potentially killing you.

Time is a man-made construct.  It’s not a natural phenomenon. Last week was the equinox, the day of the year where there is now more darkness than light each day. I must point out to you, that is a human construct. The sun is not up there suddenly going, “OMG!  This hemisphere now is dark at 4pm.”  Humans are. We are doing this to ourselves.

Urgency is the perception you make of how important something is. Our brains and minds set the perception of urgent for everyone one of us.  We all have a different sense of urgency.  How hard are you insisting that something must be completed by a set deadline?  How you manage and lead your time is how you lead and manage your life.

Let go of Artificial Urgency by pausing to ask these questions:

  • Why is something urgent to me?
  • How do I measure when something is urgent?
  • Is urgent my default setting for everything?
  • What makes something urgent to me?
  • Where am I creating an artificial sense of urgency?
  • Where can I remove the feeling in my body that something is urgent and free up energy for something more valuable?

Mindful living is practicing being present in the moment. Fully, not stuck in anticipatory fear, grief, or stress.  It is not creating a false sense that something is more critically important than it really is.

Very few things in life are truly urgent.  Ok, rushing a woman to the hospital in labor – urgent.  Getting a dead car out of the way during rush hour – that may be urgent.  Most things have a little flextime in their sense of urgency.  If someone walks into a meeting 2 min late, do you set an artificial panic button? If so, let it go.

Ask yourself, am I creating more stress in my life making this artificially urgent? If so, stop it.

Look at your week. We all get the same 7 days, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year by our own human agreements to this.   Say, “yes” to those things that you value. Say “no” to those things you no longer value and find the actual sense of time and place that works for you.  If your concept of time is killing you, change it.

Ask yourself, am I creating more stress in my life by making this artificially urgent? If so, stop it.

Mindful matters. Mind your time with calm energy in each moment.