All my coaching clients and audience members tell me the same excuse.  “Holly, I don’t have time to be mindful.” Here is what I say to that.  You, you need it the most.

First point of clarification, Mindfulness is NOT meditation.  Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment without judgment. It is NOT limited to meditation practices.  Meditation is the practice of contemplation.

I specialize in applied mindfulness.  These are practical ways to integrate mindfulness in your day.  No yoga mat or meditation pillow required.

2-Minute Applied Mindful Practice

While driving:

When you stop at a stop sign.  Instead of stressing out you are going to be late,  pause, see the red.  Recognize the color red as a power color.  Breathe in the power of the sign, breathe in the power of the pause. Breathe out any stress. Then keep driving.

While using the restroom:

Mindfully wash your hands.  Watch the water stream over your hands.  Put your focus on the water.  Feel the water taking your stress down your shoulders, thru your arms and out your fingers down the drain. Do this 3-5 times and feel the stress wash away.

Open the door for someone:

It’s easy now days to be so busy we don’t mindfully connect to another person.  As you walk thru your day. Find one person you can hold the door for.  Smile.  Feel joy in you and share joy with them.

Mindlessness comes when we are too busy, placing demands on others and ourselves. When we are out of the present moment.  Applied mindfulness is taking moment-to-moment choices each day to bring you back to the present.

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