Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little weird. I see everything, and I do mean everything thru the lens of mindfulness. Mindfulness as the practice of being present in the moment. And, after all isn’t that why we go to the movies in the first place. To let go of the world and be present, with a story that takes us out of our own for a while.

This is why I go to the movies. To get away, out of my mind for a while.

That’s when it happened. I went to one of those theaters that serve and food wine. I arrive promptly at the time the movie, no waiting for the 15 movie previews begin. While I waiting, the announcements for how the food and beverage service works.

The graphics stream across the screen. In order to order food. It’s simple. Take a small piece of paper from the stand at your table, write on the paper what you want. Return the paper to the stand as a little flag and your wait staff will be right over to pick up the order and bring it to you.

Enter mindfulness. While I am technically at the movies to escape this interesting world for a few hours. I hear, and see the secret to mindful living.

  1. Know what you want, simply.
  2. Place the order out into the world like a little flag, saying, I need help with this.
  3. Allow the staff (friends, family, clients, heck strangers) bring you what you request.

When life gets a little on the tricky side how many times do we become indecisive. We think we want the red car then get nervous and take the blue one. Or you cocoon back into your personal space, and don’t tell anyone what you need. Then secretly hope things will change. And of course when life is a little more mind less than mindful how many times do we wonder why nobody will help us.

Living mindfully is simple but not easy. Take a trip to the movies when you are decisive on what you want to see, put in your order and allow it to be made manifest you make the world better for everyone.

Mindful matters, and so do you!