Sometimes I just say things, like no big deal things. Then the person across the table lights up like I have said something revolutionary. This is how this blog came to be. Life is a do-it-to-yourself project.

If, in fact, life is a do-it-to-yourself project, what are you doing to yourself? Are you being kind and compassionate or are you being mean and angry? Do you like what you are doing to yourself? If not, change it.

When you approach life recognizing that you are the ultimate power and ultimate creator of your life, it makes your life both easier and harder. Those who choose to make life easier make it easier because they choose to do things that they love, with people they love, in places they love.

And, since life is a do-it-to-yourself project; those who choose hard also get that choice, to make life harder. The choice to keep knocking your head on the closed door over and over again. You get to choose to be pissed when things don’t go your way. You get to believe that life is about working hard.

My friend who inspired this blog went on to ask me what a “do-it-to-yourself project was”. Here was my answer to her –

Today I invite you to consider what type of project is the project of your life in this now moment. You see there is a misnomer that your life is “one project.” I would argue it is a series of projects that string together to make the tapestry of your life.

As you embark upon the project, don’t look back; that is no longer an option. Look forward and decide. Is your project going to like a construction zone, or will it be a day at the beach? Is your project in nature like growing a flowing garden of vegetables or will it be building skyscrapers.

Life is a do-it-to-yourself project. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you begin your project

Why am I creating what I am creating with my life?
How do I want to create my life? Easy? Hard? Alone or with a team?
What resources do I already have?
What gifts/talents do I already have I am using?
What gifts/talents do I have that I am NOT using?

Yes, I can provide you many, many questions to start you building the project of your life. And we can do that in a personalized coaching session.

I will leave you with one, the most magical one. What is the intention I am setting for this day? Intention is, simply defined as “energy in motion”. How will you set your energy in motion this day. And the next, and the next. When you own the project of your life and allow others to be a part of your project, magic happens. Thank you, friend, for asking for this blog and building this project with me.