There seems to be a conscious shift in the mindset of people when summer arrives.  Summer to most of us is defined by being over programmed to the point of crazy. If you work, it’s the time of year when many meetings and events are happening; if you have kids, you have the additional responsibility of summer camps and keeping them busy.

It seems we all unconsciously choose to be busy, or over programmed during the summer.  Then collectively we look back in September and say: “what happened to summer?”

This summer I am calling you out.  Don’t let the world choose for you.  What do you want your summer to be personally and professionally?  You must create the project of your life, your summer. Say, “Yes” to the things that matter to you and “No” to the things that do not.   Be fully present at each summer activity not running one to the other.

Now a lot of my reader’s think I state these things and don’t actually do them myself.  That is not true. All of my work comes from living, conversations, connection and inspiration of my real life.

Here is how I know we are creating crazy.  A friend of mine and I were talking about our July schedules.  Over and over he would say, “I am so crazy. This month I am over scheduled.”  Then I would look at my schedule of business trips, writing projects and mirror back to him.  “You think you are busy, look at my schedule” We were out of both the joy of the present moment and out of alignment with what we wanted our individual lives to be.

I paused for a moment.   I would gently remind him, and me, that this was in fact his choice, his doing and he could choose again, and so could I.  Now many of the events were professional or child related so he could not cancel them. I could not cancel my speaking engagements either.  We could however make a new energetic choice about how we were going to think about, feel about and approach each event as it comes up. We could hold each other accountable for no longer saying “crazy” over and over again.

Crazy and anxiety is a futurizing thing.  We create anxiety when we look at the months of summer and stress over the crazy we are choosing.  This is not necessary.

My friend, and I recognized we had a choice.   We could, in fact, choose crazy. For the 31 days of July over and over we could look at each day and event and futurize crazy, and suffer each day.  Or, we can recognize that life is in fact a do-it-to-yourself project and we can choose again.

We set an intention to support each other in a new choice. The choice that July would be joyous. That in fact, we would own the choice that had been made for the meetings that must happen, kid events, work and even the fun.  In all things we would find the joy.

I’ll admit this is not always easy but it has been worth it.

Mindfulness matters, mindfulness is being in the present moment with out judgment without the anxiety of futurizing.  

What are you creating?  Set your intention mindfully.  Here are a few intention ideas ease, joy, fun, happiness, restful.  I wish you only success in your summer energy choices.