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Award Winning Mindfulness Expert names Host and Producer of the Everyday Mindfulness Show


(Denver, Colorado) – New York Times contributor, keynote speaker, author, and trendsetter in the field of leadership and mindfulness for the business world, Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP, has been named the successor as host and producer of the Everyday Mindfulness Show.


When Mike Domitrz started the show (hosted at it was a way to dive into fun, thought-provoking, and engaging conversations on everyday mindfulness – from meditation to spirituality to personal passions to success and failure to relationships and much more. He took on a tough new topic one step away from Date Safe Project. Now with more than 70 episodes in the can, it’s time for Mike to re-focus and continue his work with the Date Safe project. He is excited to announce that he has chosen to transfer the show to one of the leading minds in the mindfulness movement, Holly Duckworth.


Domitrz is excited that the project he has enjoyed building will continue, “Having Holly, a Mindfulness expert who is passionate about spreading and sharing her message to all, taking over The Everyday Mindfulness Show is awesome. To know the show we started will now continue on is both gratifying and exciting. Can’t wait to see what Holly does with the show”, Said Domitrz.


Duckworth, is a natural fit as a highly sought-after keynote speaker on the topic of mindful leadership, author, blogger and columnist. The program gives her a way to expand her message and return to the podcast format that she enjoys.


Living in today’s whipped up world of 24/7 media, streaming reality television and the demands of work and family life can be overwhelming. Applied mindfulness for personal empowerment is the self-help trend helping leaders live in these uncertain times.


Duckworth says the show offers a classroom educating its listeners on mindful living and leadership, connecting the audience to the best thought leaders and practitioners in the field of daily applied mindfulness techniques. “I want to inspire people to live fuller lives and I intend to bring a new perspective to the show,” Duckworth said.

“Taking over the show is a natural fit to expand the work of applied mindfulness in the world. When Mike approached me about the possibility it was delighted to continue the great work he has done with an amazing cast and production team,” said Duckworth.

Duckworth teaches listeners that mindful leadership doesn’t require a yoga mat. It is a brain and mind training that can be done by anyone, from any spiritual or religious background…or none at all. Each show will give listeners, advertisers, and sponsors the chance to deepen their conversation and practice of mindful living.

Holly Duckworth will assume the show on July 1. Look for new episodes coming soon.





Leadership Solutions International speaker, writer, and educator, Holly Duckworth, educate individuals and businesses on mindfulness practices and how to implement them in ways that support the way a business or a life run best. As someone who lives mindfulness on and off the stage, Holly inspires through her life experiences. New experiences are a necessity for human growth and Holly loves doing things for the first time and incorporating the lessons into her life and her teachings. Book an interview with Holly, explore her keynote speeches or access media assets on her website.


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