Our world is crying out for good news. Most of us are so buried in the bad news we miss the good news when it comes our way. As a mindfulness practitioner for CEO’s and executives I want to encourage you to always be looking for the good news. Note you have to slow down sometimes to find it. Or as in the case I will share with you today you have to look in the smallest of packages.


In today’s uber technology connected world it’s not uncommon for me to get a private message or two each day on any number of social media channels. I’m often moving so fast myself I don’t respond. Remember –mindfulness is a practice not a perfect, even for me. This was unlike any other social media message it was from a woman I knew but didn’t know well. The note simply said I have an envelope I want to get it to you. A few weeks passed and finally, she handed me the envelope. It was addressed to the publisher of Science of Mind Magazine a magazine I have written a regular column in for the past four years. In purple lettering, it read “Thanks, to Holly D”. In small type, it said, “This was mailed by an incarcerated individual. Confined at a State Department of Corrections Facility.” Its contents may be uncensored.” Note my dear friends at the magazine had kindly pre-reviewed it on my behalf.


I will summarize the four-page letter to tell you the man, we will call him Sam (name has been changed) had read several months of my columns and chose to active the letter writing practice. In the practice, I invite mindful people to bring up a person with whom they have a challenge and write them a letter. Write the letter with no intention of ever sending it. Writing the letter changes you. This mindfulness practice helps you to become different in his presence. So Sam was having challenges with an inmate who had been incarcerated 10+ years longer than he had. Instead of confronting him on the challenges he wrote the letter he was apologizing for the problems he had caused and was seeking forgiveness with the fellow inmate.


Sam never gave the letter to the other man – he chose to let it go. He mailed it to me.


In the letter, he reports how after doing the letter writing he now sees the man in a new way and they have diffused the challenges between them.


TSW – This stuff works in my life, in the lives of those who have the courage to try it. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this work in the world. Now it’s your turn. Who do you need to write a letter to? Do it today. I know you will feel better as a result. Your world is crying for good news – go be it.


If you have an example of how mindfulness is helping you live more centered, compassionate and successful lives let me know. I welcome your letters


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