The famous quote, It is done unto you as you believe can be debated in many ways, and has been debated for millennia. Science continues to prove it true. What you believe you can achieve. What you don’t believe you can’t achieve.

Knowing this, beliefs are central to any leaders mindfulness practice and to a corporate culture of mindful leadership. A mindful person must slow down and look at what it is they believe.

Let’s review, what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is often misunderstood and mis-defined. I define mindfulness by the definition of Jon Kabat-Zinn the found of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) his definition is Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment, non judgmentally.

Mindfulness is often confused with meditation and while meditation is one form of mindfulness it is not the only form. In this series, I will share with you seven practices for mindful living and mindful leadership that do not require you sit on a meditation pillow. These are 7 practices for applied mindfulness for leadership.

Practice Two: Examine Your Beliefs

If it is done unto you, and your leadership team as you believe, have you taken the time to slow down and learn what it is you believe? I think of beliefs as being alive. In fact, if you move the letters of believe just a little you see the words Be-A-Live.

What makes you be alive?


Beliefs as a Personal Practice Beliefs as a Leadership/Business practice
Use your centering from practice one breathe into your heart center and ask a question – what is it I believe about me?

Listen carefully for the answers.



All individual mindfulness practices can be done in the framework of leadership/business teams consistently demonstrate better results when they use mindfulness practices.


As your team – what do they believe about the various aspects of your business


What do you believe about:







How are those beliefs informing your outcomes?


Beliefs can be both conscious – as you are aware of them and unconscious both hold equal importance in how they show up in your personal and work life. Your beliefs as leaders matters because it is the foundation of what you aspire to become and change. Examine your beliefs on an ongoing basis to see how the beliefs you have either support or block your success. As you feel more comfortable with it invite your team to answer these belief questions as well.


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