I had a vision.

A vision of you, back at your desk this morning to a deluge of cyber Monday emails.  The ones from all weekend that had backed up on your desk.  I could see, the ads for your favorite online stories filling up your email and the intensity of needing to jump on Amazon for the deal of the hour.  I didn’t want this message to get deleted in the pile.  I wanted you to have a few hours to get that out of your system.  Now that you have all those great deals mindfully cleared away I wanted to set you back on track for mindfulness this week and into the holiday season

Mindful Monday Practice 4 – Visioning

Yes, I demonstrated the practice in my intro.  Visioning is the power of creating a vision even before it happens.  You can add more power to your mindfulness practice by seeing what you want before it happens.  Like you order your food in a restaurant, see it while they cook it and then when they place it before you.  What you visualize you actualize.  What is it you want to see in your life? Do you want to see traffic lights, long lines, and stress? Or do you want to see green lights, parking spaces, and calm? Our heads look for problems; our hearts look for solutions. Professionals with a regular mindfulness practice joke that they just have to envision green lights, parking spaces, and calm, for these things to appear in their lives.

While I can’t cover everything about the visioning process in a mini-practice—I have full-day programs on just this topic—here are two simple questions you can use for any life and leadership experience to become more mindful. As you work with the questions, use your centering breath to access the answer from your heart and not simply your head.

• What is the highest vision for what I am about to experience?
• What does my vision look, feel, and sound like? Bring feeling into your visioning to make it stronger and happen faster.

Take just two minutes to create a mental picture of what you want—it can be as big as your business restructuring or as small as a drive home from work that’s full of ease and flow—and then take note of how you create your reality.  Try this all week and see what you can visualize then actualize.

Mindfulness is the process of becoming fully present and aware in the moment. How are you doing with these practices? Drop me an email with your celebrations and challenges at holly@hollyduckworth.com.
Also, visioning is a great team activity for meetings—give me a call if I can help you host a visioning session.