Mindfulness grows as you practice in little bits each day. Just like a bodybuilder doesn’t become lean and muscular in one session, a mindful leader must continue to work on the seven practices we’re introducing in this series. This week, as you keep practicing your centering breath and belief work, we will add a new practice: intention.

Intention is becoming clear about what you energetically desire to have happen. I like to think of it as where your head goals meet your heart of the action. For example, I intend for this experience to be educational and fun—intention adds a feeling to your goal. We live in a feeling universe, but all too often our human experience does not embrace those feelings. Mindful leaders make time to set powerful intentions, feelings for the life they want to live. They do this one day, one experience at a time.

As an example a few weeks ago I set the intention I wanted to feel what it would feel like to write for the New York Times. I wanted to see my writing on the page and feel joy knowing this mindfulness work is helping executives.  And..  voila..  Click here to see my intention made real.

What I do you can do also.

Week 3 Mini-Practice
As you look at your day today, pick one event and ask yourself, what is the intention for this?  How do you want to show up energetically to that event? What do you want to have happen or to feel as a result of the experience? What do you intend for this holiday season?  The words above can help you get started.

The practice of setting intentions will help you align your needs with your feelings and to those of the universe around you. And you may be surprised how often you get what you intend.

AFFIRMATION:  I intend to experience ease in all I do this holiday season.  I release stress and receive mindfulness.  

Mindfulness matters,


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