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Invitation for IMEX Attendees & Hospitality Partners

Oneness Remembrance A Celebration of Love

Monday, October 9, 2017  11:11pm

One week and one day will have passed since the tragic events in Las Vegas while we are in attendance at IMEX. Are you still struggling to make sense of grief, sadness, and trauma that has been inflicted from this and other recent events?  Now those negative fear and anger energies are flowing out into cities and events around the world?  Will you be at IMEX and feel called to do something, but don’t know what.  Maybe you do not want to go to the site alone?

The meetings industry meets once each year as a whole at IMEX. Join Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP, mindful leadership speaker and prayer practitioner as we will meet at the corner of S. Las Vegas Boulevard Mandalay Bay Rd. (Near where the Route 81 entrance was) and take one hour as an industry to honor our collective Oneness. Holly will guide a one-minute oneness blessing, and, in one hour we light one candle for each of the beloveds that lost their lives, one for the first responders, and one for the Oneness of Love that unites us all together. It will be a moving tribute to our Oneness in Love.

If you would like to light one of the candles click here to sign up and participate.

Go in the light, as the light, and with the light always,