A quiet moment planning my IMEX experience.

Many people find IMEX overwhelming. Let’s face it 12,000 of your favorite friends under one roof, and that roof happens to be in Las Vegas. There is a lot to get stressed about.

I do IMEX the mindful way – Here’s how you can too! I would invite you to consider IMEX the perfect place to try a mindfulness practice. IMEX staff has created a wonderful playground for learning something new. It starts well before you land in Las Vegas and I do not mean just scheduling appointments.

I –Intention

What are two things you want to feel as a result of IMEX experience? Not I did not say do. I said, “feel”. What is your hearts desired outcome? More than a goal or plan your intention sets in motion the energy you want from your IMEX experience. One of my intentions is to be receptive invitations from new meeting professionals to speak at their meetings from this intention I will feel valued and appreciated. My second intention is to feel grateful, IMEX is the one place in the world you can experience Dubai, Hawaii, Canada and so much global culture in one place for this I intend to be grateful. What is your intention?

M – Meditate

You’ve never even tried it before and your inner voice is saying I don’t want to try it on the busiest business week of my year. That same voice is the one that needs it the most. Meet Lee Papa at any of the designated meditation times for a safe intro to meditation. Or check out my twitter (@hduckworth) feed for #mindfulminute periodically through the conference. Mindfulness is not on a mountaintop or in a meeting room it is everywhere you are when you center into the present moment.

E – Exchange

Mindful attendees at IMEX embrace the exchange. Think back to the most basic thing in life. Your breath. You exchange receiving air in for releasing air out. A mindful IMEX experience does the same. Take new ideas, vendors and conversations in and equally share ideas, vendors, and contacts with the world’s audience.  Exchanges in conversations on and off the tradeshow floor keep me in balance and resisting overwhelm.

X – Xerox

I admit its darn hard to find a word in the English language that starts with X. And, Xerox is perfect. To repeat. To photocopy. Do these three mindful and simple things each day you are at IMEX and you will walk away with more profits, peace, and presence.

IMEX is only stressful if you set the intention it will be. Start now to re-set that expectation with your easeful intention, #mindfulminute meditation, and exchange love.ind me at IMEX to get your mindful meeting planner cheat sheet!

Find me at IMEX to get your mindful meeting planner cheat sheet!