Affirmative Prayer For Humanity:

On this sad day, I stand in the absolute awareness of the one human family and the Truth that Love connects all hearts and minds. I see this Love from sea to shining sea from the monuments of Washington DC to the Rocky Mountains, the rivers, and waterfalls that dot across our country. The museums, concert halls, parks, hotels, convention centers, and pavilions. I absolutely know there is no spot that God, that is good is not is not. Even in this day of mass shooting, I must stand for the truth something good is coming out of this tragedy.

Centering in this remembering of truth I know today the human family is reunited against hate. We commit to shared values of Love in spite of the diversity of thought, mind, and action.

I realize this day is a cry out for comfort in our community humanity.

  • I call forth Love in spite of hate.
  • I call for courage for first responders.
  • I call for connection for the families in Vegas and scattered around the world.
  • I call that this drops our division on political lines, racial lines, and economic lines.
  • I pray we find a way to drop our anger, grief, and confusion replacing it with shared humanity, goodness, and clarity of direction.
  • I call in thoughtful conversations, not discourse.
  • I call in healing our collective hate not just hate for this shooter.
  • I pray this day continued strength for victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and those hurting around the world.

I give thanks for the breath of life that breathes me and my human family. I give thanks that we can use times like this to make a stand for love. I give thanks we can listen, act and believe new things about how we move from this tragedy.

I release this prayer for faith, family, and freedom into the divine Law of Mind, the Law of God’s love into the infinite Universe of Love knowing there is nothing we can do today, only to become open channels for more love to come thru.

And so it is,