Fall is here the time of year when so many of us head back into planning or decision-making mode. It’s the time of the year for sales meetings and leadership conferences.

Here’s what you need to know people are arriving at your meeting mindless. Meaning they are generally exhausted and overwhelmed at the amount of work it took them to get to the meeting and the stress over what they are missing while they are at your meeting.

People do not need more information. They are inundated with the information they already have. They need a time and a place to make sense of the information they have with like-minded peers or industry leaders.

What can you do to crack the code on this phenomenon?

  1. Invite feelings –

Yes, you read that correctly. Honor the stress of living today the celebrations of living today. In small meetings ask participants to write 1-3 words of how they are feeling at the beginning of the meeting. Put them in a basket and have someone read them making two piles one that is mostly positive feelings and the other more challenging feelings. Invite people to honor what they are feeling and see that everyone in the room is having both good and bad days. This connection gets you to deeper connection sooner in your meetings.

  1. Center people in the room with breathing –

Yes – breathing. Start each session by having participants put down pens, pads, technology, and breath into their feet. Ask them to feel their feet in the room, their heart and remember the why of why they are in the meeting.

  1. Mindful technology use

In today’s’ world most meetings assume technology is acceptable. You know what happens when you ass-u-me. Take a moment in large and small meetings to come to a consensus on how technology will be used. I was recently at a meeting where the group self-selected that no phones were to be on the tables so that people could be fully present. I’m not voting one way or the other on technology. I’m saying let your audience create the connection level they want in the room with or without technology by asking the question and hold everyone to the same standard. That’s trust building and deepens the mindful conversation and decision-making in your leadership meetings.

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I commit to planning and attending only meetings that matter. In meetings, I am mindful my presence matters I bring myself fully into meetings by feeling, centering and careful technology use.