I walked into the conference room where a table of women was waiting for me. As I walked up they asked me, “Holly how’s it going?” I paused for a moment my outside voice wanted to say the typical, “fine.” I could hear my inside voice wanted to say, “Life is a shit show.” Mindful leaders today must step up into the reality of what we are experiencing, feeling, saying and how we are acting. Leading these days can be hard. That is why mindfulness matters.

What is going on in your life today? Fires, floods, hurricanes, power outages. Life, this is not what I signed up for.   Many of us are riding the storms of life right now. And, if you are not directly riding a storm of life you may be supporting a family member or friend who is.

As the storms of Irma past this weekend I had countless friends in every language and spiritual tradition praying for loved ones in the path. It was perfect ok to ask for prayer. Together we were mindful of our Oneness in the now moment without regard to anything other than our humanness.

Let’s take that Oneness back to our desks and offices this week.

I am grateful beyond measure to teach this work of mindful leadership at this time. In fact, I created this acronym to help us all.

Spirit &




By now you have guessed I told the women at that table life is a bit of a shit show. The table instantly burst into laughter. I did also. My sudden glimpse of honesty helped them reveal their own. Each woman had a story of a challenge they were secretly battling. This opened us up to new ways of supporting one another.

Times like these are a call for leader mindfulness. Make a decision as a mindful leader for authenticity and honesty and you will create deeper connections to your team.

This week as a mindful leader practice

  1. Feel your feelings and be honest about sharing them
  2. Ask others how they are feeling
  3. Demonstrate compassion for the storm of life we face
  4. Believe in Spirit & Hope That Inspires us this day.

I know some of you will read this and worry about me. That is not the point of this message. The point is that for all of us life may not be where we think it would be or should be. I am grateful for my life, this work, and the clients and friends like you that support this mindful leadership movement. I share my story so that you may own your “shit show” and make it an opportunity for spirit to show up and grow.

Affirmation: Today I choose to ground deeper into my mindful self. I allow myself to feel my feelings and be supported in my new reality. From this place I allow Spirit to show up.

Is your organization in need of some motivation to ride this storm. Call me now to book late 2017 and early 2018 events. In our mindful oneness we shovel the shit show with Spirit * Hope * Inspiration * Today!