Prayer for our Human World This Day:

In times like this is it critical we breathe, center and ground. That we recognize there is a power greater than humanity at work here. Some call it God, others Buddha, Source, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Nature. By whatever name you call it or no name at all. I know this Force and Source is a Source for all good, joy, peace, love and prosperity.

I know this from the deepest place or peace in my heart, mind, and hands. Therefore, I know that I am one centered as it. I am unified as good in all aspects of my life. As I know this for me I know this for all humans, animals, trees, and plants on this planet.

From this place of pure potentiality of good, joy, peace, love and prosperity I take a stand today to realize for myself and for the world Love and peace.

Any place of fear is not the truth of humanity.

Any place of doubt, lack, anger, is not my truth.

These dis-eases dissolve into the nothingness from which they came.

It is time now that we stand for something – LOVE and against nothing.

I declare in the wake of natural disasters – Love

I declare in the preparation for natural disasters – Love

I declare in the passing of more Trump announcements – Love

I call in Peace as our Leaders grabble with the leaders of North Korea – Love

I call forth only Love this day

I send compassion and healing to those affected today by these experiences we term catastrophic disasters. And I know that all things are happening for humanities collective good so that we may come together as One human family to resolve fear, doubt, lack, and anger and choose again. Choose Love.

So I give thanks for the power and presence in me to choose serenity even in times I cannot understand (and there are many now). I choose courage to do what is mine to do (like publishing this prayer). I accept my own Divine wisdom as a woman, a human and a Spirit to breath life into the new beginnings we are called do and become.

I give thanks to our human family that will persevere in Love.

And so it is, HD