Mindful Monday: What is mindfulness, anyway?

As we go back to our desk from the summer holiday I want to take this opportunity to formally invite you to work mindfully. Leave the belief that stress makes you a success behind.

So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of becoming awake and aware in the present moment. It is more than meditation and breathing.   Leadership mindfulness is recognizing the chronic stress of leading today requires a new level of skill, commitment, and ease.

As I define and lead a movement of mindfulness for CEO’s and executive leaders it is the practice of becoming awake and aware in the present moment. Then from that place of practicing mindfulness personally we work with your teams to connect in this way also. It is releasing fear, judgment, lack, and doubt.

While an ancient practice often grounded in meditation mindfulness has become way more than that. It is THE tool to


Clear your mind

Create your vision

Affirming your positive self

Affirm positive experiences for your team and company

Use your intuition in decision-making

Being grateful


So if you returned to your desk today and feel your blood pressure rise, deadlines pulling you down, new regulations, dealing with millennial and other stressors pulling you in a zillion directions a mindfulness practice is right for you and your leadership team.


Via my authorship, keynotes and executive coaching I’ll be teaching leaders executive mindfulness as the technique to bring you to more profitability, peace, and presence.


Call to action: If you or a leader you know is experiencing mindlessness, stress or challenge please connect me. I am offering fall keynotes and workshops found here. I have the research, case studies and expertise to inspire your teams to higher better leadership and living.



As I return to work this week I choose to be awake, aware and mindful in every interaction. My mindfulness brings me more presence, peace, and profits. I am grateful.