Photo by @davidlauer

As you look at this photo, what do you see?  Do you see the darkness of the mountains or the light of the sunset?  This is an iPhone photo sent by a friend in the moment of reflection.  What the person sending the photo didn’t know was in that same moment I was visioning a bird in flight. Look back in the photo do you see the bird? I was mesmerized, speechless.  How we are connected and can flow together even when we are far apart.

Later, I learned this is a photo of a place that is dying, the Salton Sea just south of Palm Springs California.  The Salton Sea is now where the Colorado River inflows. But, nature created an interesting thing there the water had nowhere to flow, to escape. As a result, all the life is dying, it’s stagnant and stuck.  That sandy beach in the photo is the skeleton of small creatures and shells that passed on due to the lack of water flow and movement in this region.

As I talk to my coaching clients and give speeches today on creating certainty in uncertain times it comes to me that sometimes we become stuck. We are not letting things flow and move in and out of our lives.

Mindful practice to remove stuck-ness:

  • Go within and feel your breath moving your heart, lungs, body, muscles honor the natural flow that happens in your body you don’t even have to think about.
  • Look at your work/business life – are projects and paperwork flowing or stuck on your desk or on the desk of another.  Pick up the phone and as for work to flow in and out of your life.
  • Forgive the place within you that maybe comfortable in the stuck ness because sometimes it’s comfortable to be stagnant.  Just as my friend stopped to take this photo and be stagnant in his stuff for a while then he moved on to flow like the bird.
  • Drink a glass of water – enjoy and experience the water life as is it moves.

Where in life are you allowing things to flow in, but not flow out?

Leaders honor that life sometimes has stuck moments and when we accept them we can more easily flow with them.

I am courageous as I look at the parts of my life that are stuck and breathe in a little movement this week.

Mindfulness matters!  Make it an easy free flowing week!