“He so did not just say that.” was my response when I clicked on the news. Shaking my head I say it again, “Did I really just hear my president say North Korea will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

After a few breaths of confusion and anxiety, I have to recognize that my response, confusion, and anxiety is not the person I want to be. I cannot choose to let one person disrupt my psyche. So I went to sleep.

Then, I woke up this morning to hear many people around the world are growing, sharing and expanding their confusion and anxiety in these “interesting” times. I felt called to my computer to share how I am mindfully responding in the hopes this post would bring us back a little sanity.

I choose white light love, not fire.

I choose loving acts not the fury of hate.

Mindfulness means returning to the present moment with acceptance. In light of what President Trump has said, I commit to mindfully:

  1. Creating Loving acts:

Return to the heart of whom I am as a love filled person. I will open doors for men and women in grocery stores. I will call clerks by name and let people merge in on traffic.

  1. Speaking Loving words:

I’m responding with kind words to myself and to others. I will do this with everyone I meet, even my Trump supporting friends.

  1. Circulating Loving thoughts:

I will think loving thoughts toward myself and toward the leaders of this world. In the knowing that thoughts are things and I want good things happening in my world.

Some will read this and call me “Hollyanna Pollyanna” and I’m ok with that. I didn’t come to this life experience to be a worrywart, pessimist or complainer.

One late night earlier this week I got a text from a client out of the blue that said, “Holly, you are an amazing woman!”

My response, “I do what is mine to do.”

In the wake of the “leader of the free world” saying “fire and fury” what is yours to do? Will you succumb to the fear or step up in faith that love wins.

I believe in the power of loving acts, words and thoughts to change my nation, the world, and me. We are better than this. I choose to not let the hateful, fearful; imagery and words of one person shift my psyche and the psyche of the planet. I will become more loving as a result of these words scattered in the news.

As I speak today in face to face communication, FB posts, LinkedIn posts, Twitter etc… I will ask:

What do the words I use mean?

What imagery do the words create?

What feeling do the words create in the experience of the sender and for the receiver?

I’ll act, speak and think from this loving place of curiosity, discovery, and wonder.


I carefully choose my words in a way that supports love for myself, my audience, and with and the world.

Mindfulness matters even more in these “interesting” times! Go do what is yours to do to become the love filled world waiting to emerge.