“I wish I could be more present.” Sarah responded. “The demands of my job are too great these days. I don’t even have time to breathe.” she went on to say.

Do you have the same wish as Sarah?

Leading today is not for the faint of heart. It takes the perfect blend of knowing, being confident, and a willingness to not know. It used to be that leaders were expected to have ALL the answers. That is changing. In fact, having all the answers is not even possible. Building a community around you to create the questions and answers is possible when you choose to be a mindful leader.

My coaching practice is growing with leaders that need a confidential place to share the stress of leading today. Leaders come to me to recognize that what it takes to lead today is different. We build their skills in vision, clarity, purpose, and wellness. They walk away from each session with clarity and conviction to keep going even in this state of uncertainty.

Is being mindful for you?

  • Do you experience more stress now than ever before? Do you wish you could loosen its grip?
  • Are you tired of running the 24/7 life with out a moment to breathe?
  • Do you believe there has to be a better way to live and work?
  • Have you tried everything and you are willing to do try something new?
  • Are you willing to invest time and money into yourself and your company that returns higher profits, peace and presence?

If you say yes to these questions – then let’s talk.

Mindfulness for leadership is often a misunderstood concept where people think they have to go sit on a mountaintop in the lotus position to “find themselves.” And, while that is true for some people. It is not true for most of us. I’ve cracked the code to be a mindful leader in your real, daily life and I want to teach you to do the same.

Try this mindfulness tip as a leader:

When you get to the office instead of turning on the computer and jumping into your day. Take a mindful minute. Sit at your desk, or stand if you have a standing desk. Breathe in your nose and out your mouth. Feel that breath move down thru your entire body. As you breathe in ask yourself. As a human on this planet, what is mine to do today? And then listen to your heart. If your monkey mind visits thank it and let it go. Ask the question three times. If you need to write down the words or images your inner wisdom self tells you. Then act on that one thing that day.  Use this breathing technique throughout the day to bring you back to presence.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness in my leadership practice since the company’s inception in 2010. I began my journey as an over stressed meeting planner who could make excel spreadsheets out of excel spreadsheets. My monkey mind was more like a 1,000 pound gorilla. I used the techniques of mindfulness to transform my life and business to being more profitable, peaceful and presence filled.

Back to Sarah, she took this breathing practice home with her. Tried it for a week. She did it not just in the morning. She added the practice any time a colleague or client would call in a panic. Instead of joining in the panic energy she would breathe, and choose to respond not react. After 30 days of doing this simple mindful exercise she found that projects got done with more profit, more peace in the partnerships and allowed her to have what she came for presence.

It started with 3 minutes a day focused on breath, questions, and intention. This is mindful – choosing to be in each present moment as it happens.

Ready to be a mindful leader? Let go of the old story that leading had to be stressful. Let’s lead in a new way. I look forward to working with you as a mindful leader. I welcome your questions on leading mindfully, send them my way for use on a future executive brief, blog, or article.