It is said, may you live in interesting times. The person who said that forgot to mention those interesting times often come with stress and challenge. It is clear we live in both interesting and challenging times. Be vigilant about what you let into your awareness. Don’t allow yourself to be programed with more stress.   Consciously choose to live a different life.

Today, Friday the 13, 2017, we are 13 days into the New Year. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit. No matter what your resolution, goal, or intention it is the Law that once you declare you want something resistance will show up. How are you doing with that?

On Friday the 13th here are 13 ways to reduce stress and take one more step toward your New Year resolution.

  • Say “No” to someone or something, and yes to you.
  • Stop and take a breath. Then do it again. Take a moment to actually feel the air going in and out your nose and feel the breath move in and out your chest.
  • Vision your goal as completed. Close your eyes and feel whatever is causing your stress dissolved.
  • Go for a walk. Sometimes even five minutes from the stressor can be enough of a break to reset you. Spend time in nature. Nature doesn’t always have to be a big trek to a park. Don’t have a park near you – go stand under a tree in the landscaping of your building.
  • Turn off your cell phone/iPad and walk away from all electronic devices for 15 minutes. Can’t bring your self to walk away – put them on airplane mode. Did you know airplane mode works even when you are not on a plane? I promise you the world won’t come to an end and you can take a much needed focus time to recharge your own batteries.
  • Pick up a bouquet of flowers at the store to remind you are worthy of beauty in your life.
  • Take one thing off your “to do” list and celebrate not doing it!
  • Make a gratitude list of one thing you are grateful for that has happened each day so far this year. You may be surprised about the good that has come to your life that you are simply unaware of.
  • Go to bed 15-30 minutes earlier or allow yourself to sleep in.
  • Call a friend! Reach out! Remembering we are not alone in these interesting times can be a powerful reminder.
  • Turn off the news and turn up your favorite song. From classical to jazz, country to pop a good song can change everything.
  • Journal – this doesn’t have to be a big deal. Take a moment to connect to how you are feeling in your body. Write that down. Follow up with the question; ask yourself, how do you want to feel? Then make a conscious choice continue in the old feeling or pick the new one. Life is a do it to yourself job.
  • Replace that second cup of coffee with a cup of water

So often the world tells us we have to be in fear and uncertainty. Heck, it is often that fear and uncertainty that creates the need to by a product and service. I’m not saying that is bad. I am saying we can consciously choose why we take on uncertainty, how that uncertainty puts stress into our lives and what we are going to do about. I know all 13 of these skills have helped me lead a conscious life. What one will you try on this Friday the 13th?

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