I AM Compelling Ideas + Spirited Content

If you have an animal last name like “Duckworth” you sort of have to own the energy that comes with it. Many, many times I have been told I have a regal name, a memorable name. There is one woman that shares this same powerful animal name thing. Although I think her name is cooler than mine, Sally Hogshead. So when us animal head name women get together we joke about starting a law firm Duckworth & Hogshead.

Sally’s brand and life’s work has been dedicated to helping people learn how they fascinate.

So, while we together a while back we did my profile. I am The Ringleader whose traits include motivating, spirited and compelling. This profile comes from the aggregate of my passion and power. Of course the complimentary personal is known as The Peoples Champion, dynamic, inclusive and engaging.

What Sally tells the world over and over is “Don’t change who you are. Become MORE of who you are.”

I share all this to say, look for more of me online, in video and on stages. Check out Sally’s book and work and let me know how you will be more of who you are. www.howtofascinate.com