ACK!!! How To Write an Actionable Affirmation

You’ve made the decision to try this “woo woo” affirmation stuff. Heck, millions of people have read Change Your Thinking Change Your Life. There has to be something to this stuff, right?

Now what? What do you write? How do you write it? Can you do it wrong? Crap, there my mind goes again.

Affirmation Tips:

  1. Affirmations must be written in the now.
  2. Affirmations should affirm the feelings you desire, not things.
  3. Affirmations that are shorter generally take form in your thoughts faster than longer ones that are harder to remember and recite.

Affirmation Examples:

  • I know, accept, and I am true to myself.
  • I practice patience, understanding, and compassion with others as well as myself.

Accelerate the Adoption of Your Affirmation:

  • We live in a feeling universe that responds more quickly to how we feel than what we say. The word abracadabra that we learned as children means “I create as I speak.” Feel what you are saying as you restate your affirmation.

It is true – what we think about, we create. Start with short positive statements declared as your truth now and you will be well on your way to the magic of actionable affirmations.

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