Screenshot 2016-04-11 17.56.48Is More Truly More? Increasing Your Meditation Practice

Many people believe meditation is the act of crossing one’s legs and assuming “the pose.” The pose where you sit generally on the ground, legs crossed, arms out, attempting to clear your mind. The truth is that there are over 20 different types of meditation practices. Many even include movement and in some cases even a process of asking questions vs. clearing your mind.

After years of building my own personal practice I have found that success in meditation begins well before you choose a practice. It begins with asking yourself, your inner knowing (some call it your intuitive self), what your intention or goal is for the meditative time. Is the goal to relax, gain clarity, or be guided to a new vision? Often this will inform your choice on how to meditate. For me when I want to relax I choose walking meditation. Gain clarity is seated meditation and often, guided meditation is sitting also.

I recently came across a writing that was simple and profound. “Meditation is the practice of sitting in your wholeness.” In a world where countless daily inputs from media, colleagues, and family often come across telling us we are “not enough,” meditation is a practice to answer the innermost questions we ask ourselves. It is a way to find our “enough-ness.”

Increasing your meditation practice is about believing in yourself and knowing that the answers you seek are within you. It’s about having the courage to take time out each day with yourself whether that be sitting in “the pose” or walking, dancing, or simply breathing at your desk.

Increase the amount of time for your meditation practice only when you feel called to do so. More time does not necessarily make you a better meditator. My practice years ago began with five minutes. I started to enjoy it so much that I wanted the sessions to last a little longer, and longer and longer. Inch your way up. Go from five minutes to seven, ten, fifteen, and more. Today I meditate somewhere between thirty minutes and an hour each day and at least once a month I do an extended meditation of one to three hours.

Ask yourself what you would like to gain from the practice. Keep in mind that “meditation is the practice of sitting in your wholeness.” Many find it helpful to take an inspirational quote, mantra, or affirmation with them to practice. I’ll share some of my favorites in a future column. For now to extend your practice use “Om” or “Om Shanti Om” to fill in when “monkey mind” chooses to visit.

More is not truly more; meditation is about you increasing your connection to your highest wisdom. Listen to your heartbeat and the Om Shanti Om that is you.

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