You are the one responsible for making your life and business hard work.

Shocked young woman working on computer in office

You are making mindfulness something it is not, a challenge.

Mindfulness is about slowing down the mind and not reacting to your thoughts. You are that which is beyond your thinking. Yes, you can absolutely do this, even in today’s busy world. In fact, it is essential to your mental and emotional health. Mindfulness means you giving you permission to simply be in the present moment. Accepting what is, and what is not, without any judgment.

Wait for it…. Mindfulness is just being fully present in every moment. Mindfulness is really simple when you choose it.

The most common misconception about mindfulness is that you have to devote copious amounts of time to study and practice it. Often confused with meditation, people ask me if I have a specific way to practice being mindful? Followed by the comment, “I don’t have time for one more commitment” or “I am doing this wrong”.

The shocking truth about mindfulness is it does not take a lot of time, you don’t need to over think it, and anyone can do it.

The shocking truth about mindfulness is the world’s busiest and most successful people across multiple industry sectors, practice mindfulness. For example, people like Sir Richard Branson, Anderson Cooper, Katy Perry, and Oprah Winfrey all participate in the practice of mindfulness within the framework of their business lives.

Becoming mindful is critical to successful people because it allows you to have less stress and more focus. Mindful leaders live in the now moment. Mindful leaders do not over commit.  In the words of my friend, and Guru, Dunnah Lee, in Bali, “Why do you cause your self to suffering?” Choosing to mindful about what you are creating in your life helps you choose activities that feed your work and your soul. Successful people steer clear of negative projects, and people. As a mindful person at work, you are aware what you create and how you create it, the good and the bad.

At any time you feel a sense of overwhelm, shock yourself and choose a new or different reaction and don’t panic or respond. Instead, choose to breathe deeply, and imagine bringing compassion into your heart. You’ll be shocked to know the practice of mindfulness by more and more people in the world, will continue to move all of humanity toward this new, lighter, more love-filled state of being.

By taking time out each day to practice being mindful in the moment, you will thank yourself and your co-workers will too!

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