Screenshot 2016-02-29 11.24.31Ta da! It’s leap day 2016! I love all the fun posts and hype. Everyone asking everyone else what they plan to do on this fortuitous day. I have a different question. What leap will you take every day to live the life you want live personally and professionally?

Each day as I leap out of bed, I do two things that I believe help me feel like today, while precious is no more precious than yesterday or tomorrow. I invite you to do them today and each day going forward.

Leap into Your Purpose:

It is said there are two powerful day in a persons life they day they are born and the day they find out why. Each day leap into your purpose. Get clear about why you are here. If you are here to be a mother/father do it, be it. Leap! If your purpose is to create widgets, do it, be it. Leap! If your purpose is to offer services to the world do it, be it. Leap! For me my purpose is, was, and always will be to be a teacher. While my path continues to evolve and expand I leap into this purpose with my full heart each day. Don’t just ask yourself on leap day what are you excited about. Ask your self every day and get going after it.

Leap Mindfully into How You Want To feel:

We live in a feeling universe. We are emotional, spiritual beings having a human experience. Around the world we feel the winter, spring, summer and fall. We know what it feels like to walk into a coffee shop, a tire store, or a school. These are external feels that represent and internal reality. Each day you have a choice on where you go, whom you want to surround yourself with and what you want to feel. (Feelings: here is a list of feelings if you aren’t sure how to feel) Due to the pace of life today and our commitment to technology our feelings often become numb or repressed. On leap day Facebook asks me to let my friends know why I am excited today. I’ll feel exactly as joyful, peaceful, abundance and happy as I do most every day. Because I choose to leap fully into how I feel. Yes, I do this on good days and bad.

Today as you choose your leap day experience, take a moment to get back on purpose and feel exactly how you want to feel in every moment. For now is the only moment we have.

Cheers to your day of Leaping!


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