Office meditationWhat do these companies have in common: Apple, HBO, Google, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo? All of these companies actively promote meditation in the workplace.

Universal Truth Number Nine is find the me in meditation. In a recent interview with Deepak Chopra, I asked him, “What is the one skill that we should be teaching more spirit strategy businesses?” Without hesitation, he said, “Meditation.” Meditation is an often misunderstood phenomenon for people, especially in business, but meditation is simply setting aside the opportunity for silence and stillness where you can get out of your head and into your heart, maybe just affirm a little peace. Why is meditation becoming so popular? Because in our 24/7/365 world, we demand time to rest and rejuvenate. How can you activate meditation in the workplace?

Simply choose to take five minutes a day at your desk, maybe put on your headphones, and breathe. Affirm peace in your day. Affirm your perfection and your wholeness. Allow your mind to relax. In meditation, I find the stillness and the silence to let me come fully forth and when my best comes forth, it is applied in my company. When we meditate together, we magnify our power in the silence and the stillness. We produce higher levels of success. Activate your own meditation practice at work. You will find the me in meditation and you will give more of yourself with ease and grace to your company.


Download an mp3 audio file for more on recognizing spirit in your business here.

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