Honor your humannessHonor Your Humanness

I know it’s going to be a little shocking for you to hear this, but did you know that humans run companies, that people, these humans, these mere mortals, are outlets for spirit and spirit sometimes can be messy. It’s important to recognize Universal Truth Number Eight: honor your humanness.

We have come to this planet to learn and to grow and we grow through doing and being more in the companies that we serve. It’s important for us to step out and honor our humanness and how can we do this? We can launch a product in beta before it’s ready, get our humanness out there and throw out an idea that might not be fully sculpted. Recognize that sometimes good enough is good enough. It’s often important that we recognize we can leave room for edits and allow people to come in and make our humanness a little more perfect. I have an affirmation when my humanness shows up meaning when I make a mistake: I am all that I am. I am perfect in my imperfection. Working with my company, you have found a safe place to learn and grow.

Exercise Universal Truth Number Eight. Honor your humanness in business, because from that place of vulnerability, you will learn and grow more than you ever imagined. Honor your humanness: Universal Truth in Business.


Download an mp3 audio file for more on recognizing spirit in your business here.

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