Why don’t you ask for help more often? Wouldn’t your life and your work life be easier if you asked for help? Have you learned a belief that it is weak to ask for help? From infancy, many of us have learned in our careers, there’s not enough jobs so we must compete with others to get the right job, get on that right project, or get just that one promotion. As you step into becoming a SpiritStrategy™ business, you live from a Universal Truth, a higher consciousness that says we live in an IMG_3644abundant source, on an abundant planet, and that there is always companies offering the right and perfect work for you. There is simply no excuse for not asking for help because when you reach out to someone, you are giving them the opportunity to be more good in the world. So ask for help, get out there and ask for the sale, ask for the promotion, and ask to give your good works into the world because where you ask, the world will show up and deliver.

Universal Truth Number Seven in Business: ask for help.


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