What you visualize, you will actualizeVisualize Love In Your Business

Going to work each day, you, as an executive have a choice. Are you choosing to get in your car, drive to the office, and visualize and actualize and live your days in a place of love.   Where you love the work that you do, the people you do it with, the money that you create, and the products and services that you are uniquely qualified to put out into the world? If you’re like most executives, you spend more than seventy hours a week away from your family, at the office. Confidentially, many executives tell me they’d rather be doing something else. One of my coaching clients recently confessed he’d enjoyed his twenty plus year career at the company he worked for, but now, after twenty years, he desired to become something different. Even as he spoke, this fear became so prevalent in our conversation. We have but two choices in life: choose fear or choose love. When you go to work, now is the time for you to choose love. Now, what is love? Love isn’t just about that romantic love and certainly isn’t about romantic love in the workplace. It’s about universal love, that energy of good, of peace, of joy, that connects all of us together. We have all been put here on this planet to do work we love for people we love to work for and work with. We love to aspire to our why and to how we’re going to live in love. As a Spirit strategy company, you find a way to build love in all that you do. This is why Zappos is so popular. They are a popular place to shop and to work because they choose happiness.

Universal Truth Number Six in Business is visualize love and come at your work from a heart centered space of love. There’s only one life and that life should be filled with love. Activate a spirit strategy in your business that honors the love between all people and in your vision that you wish to activate.



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