man' s silhouette with her hands raised in the sunsetRealize & Visualize Your Company Vision

I can tell the health of any company by the number of moments, hours, or days it takes them to tell me their company vision statement. You might be shocked to learn that when I speak with CEOs and executives around the world and I ask them this one question: what is your company vision statement, very few can recite it from their own head and heart. Yeah, they can often tell me, in general, from their own passion, but it is this very vision statement that is the Universal Truth that helps them become one as a company and realize a company’s vision statement.

In fact, that very vision statement is buried in a digital file or etched on some dusty marble wall.  Very few companies today have vision boards. It’s time that your company has a visualization board and a regular renewal and commitment to their vision. I am very active in some powerful companies and, why they are so powerful is they connect to the Universal Truth in Business: realizing your company vision. They say it, they feel it, and they know it every single day and every single week. They are committed to realizing that vision and bringing it to life.

My company vision: to educate, connect, and inspire future global leaders. I see that, I feel that, and I know it every single day. What is your company vision? Can you realize it? You can only realize it when you visualize it on a regular basis. That’s your homework tonight. Get clear and have the visualization of your company, realizing its powerful vision.

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