Angel FlowersReceive All Good

Every great CEO opens the newspaper every day and scans the headlines. So often we see the same names repeated over and over, those celebrity CEOs attaining greater and greater levels of success.

Universal Truth in Business is if you want to be one of those great success makers, you must align your Universal Truth with all good things. Most CEOs that you read about in those successful articles have affirmations each and every day and I have one for you in this Audvisor  My company is in alignment with all good. I receive the ideas, people, money, and projects that support my vision with love. If you want to be one of those top CEOs, receive and allow only good into your life and recognize it each and every day with this affirmation: I align yourself with good and more good will comes my way.

Download an mp3 audio file for more on recognizing spirit in your business here.

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