In life, it’s inevitable, we will experience resistance. When I encounter resistance in my company, I recognize it as a time to rest and release knowing that something greater is coming into my company. With every CEO that I coach, I experience and hear stories of resistance. Things like “Our company has always done it this way.” “It’s too hard for us to make a change.” “We’ll devalue our founders if we don’t keep doing it the way we’ve always done it.” As a SpiritStrategy™ business, it’s important that we recognize we are never devaluing our company when we make a change, but, in fact, we are honoring all of the work that has gotten us to this place.

People often ask me, “Holly, are you crazy, having a conversation on bringing Spirit into business? Aren’t you devaluating what the U.S. was founded on, a division of church and state?”

We must release resistance to the idea spirituality is religion, it is not. In fact, they can compliment each other. As we release the resistance and let people continue to believe on the religious plane everything that they want, and we also allow them to recognize a Spirit greater than them, in their company. We release the resistance to change and we align with the power that is greater than us, that inner wisdom and inner knowing, and we come together to create powerful businesses.

Universal Truth in Business is where you see resistance, it’s an opportunity to release and claim something higher and better. I know the world is always working for your best. Release resistance and claim that highest and best right here and right now.



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