What you visualize, you will actualizeWe live in a feeling universe.  I know this because even as I sit here at my desk I can feel what it would feel like to walk into a Starbucks, McDonalds or Ruth Chris Steak House.  I know this feeling from what I believe about each business.  Everything about our company begins in our beliefs.

It is 100% true.  It is done unto us, as we believe.  Every thought and action you have taken has started as a belief.

Sometimes we have to believe in other peoples believe in us till our own belief kicks in.

Many people watch the daily stock market report to learn if their business is up, down or sidewise in the market.

Today I invite you to pull out a piece of paper and sketch on it three columns.  In column one (or the left column) write the words leadership, finances, clients, communications, sales horizontally –

Click Beliefs 1.0 Handout for access to this exercise.

What you believe you can achieve.

Don’t like what you have in belief column 1.0 – now is the time to shift your belief and welcome positive changes.

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